Homemade Studded Tires

I bike everywhere I go. I’ve got a Peugeot that’s older than me that I’ve converted to a fixed-gear. Great in the summer, but after November it gets a bit more complicated.

Everybody at work is impressed that I’m still commuting without a motor. It’s not easy; this picture describes biking in Edmonton pretty well:

The weather hates you, the city hates you, and (most importantly) drivers hate you. Good times!

Snowfall and shitty roads complicate things. The roads are very slippery, I broke my left pedal by falling (unfortunately you can’t see how cool the crystals in the metal look):

The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters have instructions for making studded tires from knobby tires and metal screws. I picked up a(n outrageously expensive) tire at United Cycle, punctured some holes in it with an awl, stuck some screws through it and ended up with this:

Stuck an old tube between the tube and the tire to prevent too much rubbing. Much less slippy, and enough to get me to work without crippling injuries.

I’ve only done my front tire. My back tire skids all over the place and my knuckles are white but I manage to stay upright. I’ve earned the right to laugh at cars spinning out at intersections. Learn to drive!

Bikes: good transportation or best transportation? Discuss.